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With the Home Preferred program, unlike other low or no mortgage insurance products, there is no upfront mortgage insurance premium. Both Home Preferred options may offer lower monthly payments when compared to other conventional loans or government-insured programs such as FHA, VA or USDA/Rural Development.
Home Preferred features:

  • Low or no mortgage insurance options;
  • Low monthly payments;
  • Up to 97% financing;
  • Limited cash out refinancing option; and
  • No rate adjustments for credit or other overlays such as property type.


Both of these programs are ideal for borrowers who are seeking the lowest monthly payment possible and who have limited funds for downpayment and closing costs.



 Home Preferred
Conventional financing option with a discounted private mortgage insurance rate exclusively available through New Hampshire Housing.
 Home Preferred No MI
Conventional financing with no mortgage insurance required.

To qualify for Home Preferred and Home Preferred No MI, borrowers must be creditworthy, meet certain income limits and complete homebuyer education.  These two programs are also available for those wishing to refinance who have limited equity and still want to avoid the high cost of mortgage insurance.


Both Home Preferred and Home Preferred No MI are special lending initiatives available only through New Hampshire Housing.

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