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About the Home Flex Purchase Rehab ProgramMoney_House_for_ad

Not every home that is on the market is move-in ready. Sometimes a house needs a few repairs to make it a perfect home. That is where New Hampshire Housing’s Home Flex Purchase Rehab Program may help. With Home Flex Purchase Rehab, a homebuyer can roll into the purchase of a new home up to $35,000 in funds for rehab costs. By combining the purchase of a home with the cost of repairs, you are in control of the improvements and get to make those critical decisions that make a house a home.  Home Flex Purchase Rehab is only available on government-insured mortgage products (FHA and USDA/Rural Development).

How to apply

To see if you qualify for a Home Flex Purchase Rehab Loan, contact one
of our Participating Lenders today!


What are the benefits

  • One-time closing on the mortgage and rehabilitation loan;
  • No rate adjustments for credit or other overlays;
  • Can be combined with Home Flex Plus, which provides up to 3% cash for downpayment and closing costs;
  • Low or no money down depending on mortgage insurer guidelines;
  • Working with a local investor who can provide a quick turn around on disbursements; and
  • You stay in control of what improvements are done and who does them.


What types of repairs are covered?

  • Renovations and improvements designed to address obsolescence;
  • Cosmetic repairs or upgrade;
  • Energy efficiency improvements;
  • Safety improvements; and
  • Improvements to extend the useful life of the property.


Please note: No structural repairs are allowed under this program.

Your Participating Lender will be able to guide you on whether or not a repair qualifies under the Home Flex Purchase Rehab Program.

Learn more about the Purchase Rehab Program