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Sometimes you just need to press the pause button.

Let’s face it, finding a mortgage and buying a home is a complicated and thoroughly exhausting process. Unlike some DIY projects, this is definitely a situation where you will want to read the instructions first rather than jumping in blindly and hoping for the best.


An educated homebuyer is better prepared to be a homeowner. Do it right the first time and save a ton of cash down the line by working with a HUD approved Homeownership Advisor.


Find your personal Homeownership Advisor by completing the form to the right!


By meeting with a Homeownerhsip Advisor, you will learn:

  • How much house you can realistically afford to own and maintain while still enjoying life.
  • The various mortgage products available that best fit your needs.
  • What upfront “closing costs” are and how much $ you’ll need in addition to any down payment.
  • What to expect during every part of the homebuying process and who can help you.
  • Prequalifying for a mortgage you can afford
  • Negotiating a purchase and sales agreement that protects you
  • How home inspections and appraisals can help or sink a sale
  • The many documents you need to provide


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To learn more about New Hampshire Housing's great programs, cash for closing and the homebuyer tax credit program, including:

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